A history of our great promotional product deals.

These deals are gone for now, but you never know, they might be back again. In the meantime, you can still get them at their normal, guaranteed low price at 4imprint.ca.

July 2019

View the Phone Stand Ring Phone Stand Ring 150 for $199.00
View the Laminated Fashion Tote Laminated Fashion Tote 100 for $179.00
View the Bic Clic Stic Pen Bic Clic Stic Pen 300 for $129.00
View the Tee Off Golf Set Tee Off Golf Set 250 for $269.00
View the Waiter's Wine Opener Waiter's Wine Opener 75 for $279.00
View the Emery Board Emery Board 1500 for $259.00
View the Zing Ring Flyer Zing Ring Flyer 250 for $215.00
View the Value Lip Balm Value Lip Balm 100 for $189.00
View the Wave Sandwich Cap Wave Sandwich Cap 36 for $199.00
View the Portable Power Bank Portable Power Bank 25 for $219.00
View the Ridgeview Notebook Set Ridgeview Notebook Set 100 for $169.00
View the Easy Care Apron Easy Care Apron 12 for $115.00
View the Sunglasses Sunglasses 144 for $169.00